Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Our Lady of La Salette

One of our favorite weekend destinations is Our Lady of La Salette in Silang. The kids can roam around the place, play on the ground, peek on the pond with lots of frogs and kois while wife and I can have some peace and quiet time at the chapel. Can I confess this is also where I dream about my jewelry weakness like those mens magnetic bracelets and rings?
The place is good for retreat sessions, pure bonding with family and friends and some time for relaxation. It is a few minutes away from Pink Sisters and Tagaytay proper so you don’t worry about getting lost.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Worst Summer 2014 at Matabungkay

Every April, we would spend a weekend of fun at the beach to celebrate the birthdays of my family members. April is my birth month and I share this month to a lot of family members, plus the fact that it’s summer time we would usually head to the beaches of Cavite. This year we spent it at Matabungkay - I guess the first and the last. I cannot even recall the name of the resort, it’s the worst resort we have ever spent our summer however we just enjoyed the whole day since the kids don’t mind wherever we are as long as there’s water and sand.

So remind me if we have to get to Matabungkay once more, coz I will definitely lock myself up to those heavy duty drawer slides instead of coming back.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hit The Slopes

Before you hit the slopes in the winter, you need the right gear. When you shop for ski gear, there are several things that you can purchase. You need to get items that will fit securely while still giving you the comfort you need while on the slopes or on the chairlift. When looking at an online ski site that sells gear, you can usually see pictures of the skis as well as get information about how they fit. There are details about the different types of skis such as cross country compared to mountain skis.

A gear guide is often available that lets you know about men’s and women’s skis and how they fit differently. There is information on bags that you can get to carry your gear as well as cameras that work well while on the slopes. Find out about the best helmet to protect the head, and the proper shoes to wear with the skis you purchase. There are ski packages available that have everything you will need for your trip. You can also read reviews about products that others have purchased and perhaps see what the professionals use when they ski. There is usually a list of the top places in the country to ski so that you can better plan your trip.
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